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PCS Profile Cutting Machine Accessories

PCS Profile Cutting Machines can be modified with certain accessories. The most popular accessories are the HD Drill and the Plasma Beveling Tool.

For those who need heavy-duty drilling capability, download the HD Drill brochure to see a product description and to learn more.

If you need the capability to cut bevels, download the HD Beveling solution brochure.


CNC Plasma Cutting - Drilling Machine Accessories -

PCS Plasma Bevel Head

The profile machine has a ZERO OFFSET on the bevel head - there is no need to move its X/Y co-ordinates to achieve angles. This PCS design offers the fastest and most accurate plasma bevel head available!

The PCS Plasma Bevel Head is easy on the torch leads and cables. No twisting of cables and hoses! The torch TILTS rather than rotates. The PCS Plasma Bevel Head yields lower maintenance costs and lesser downtime.

CNC Plasma Plate Cutting and Drilling Machines Bevel Head -

Oxy Bevel Head with Triple Cutting Torches

The PCS Oxy Bevel Head combines 3 flame torches, allowing bevel cuts from three angles at the same time. These torches rotate through 360 degrees with angles up to +45 degrees. An air-cooled rotary chamber allows infinite rotation. The Oxy Bevel Head can rotate without twisting hoses/cables.
Key Benefits from our Oxy Bevel Head include:
- The angle of the torches allows the Land, Bottom and Top bevel to be cut in one pass
- Existing cutting machines can be retrofitted
- Automatic Torch Height Control

Oxy Bevel Head with Triple Cutting Torches -

PCS CNC Spot Drill Head

Key Benefits of the Spot Drill Head include:
- High Quality Key Chuck (1/2")
- 0.50 to 0.80 HP (Pneumatic)
- Spot/Drill up to 1/2" Diameter
- 2,100 RPM
The Pneumatic plate clamp gives increased rigidity. There are Limit Switches for end of travel feedback and local buttons for manual override functions.

PCS CNC Spot Drill Head -

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