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Profile Cutting Systems (PCS) is the leading supplier in the USA of the latest Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Gas and Plasma Cutting technology. We are leading the way for design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of profile cutting machines.

PCS-USA is the official representative of PCS Machines for North and South America. We also sell PCS machines in Europe and all over the world. Contact us and we will help you get what you need. We have installed over 500 profile cutting machines around the world. Our international sales and support cover the USA, Australia, Europe and all of Asia.

Providing service and customer support is the cutting-edge difference for PCS.


  • Over 40 Years of Industry Experience
  • Over 500 Machines Installed around the World
  • Custom Built, Multi-million dollar Machines
  • Components are Not Proprietary
  • PCS Profile Cutting Software
  • PCS Profile Cutting Accessories
  • Profile Cutting Systems USA Introduces Plasma Plate Cutting Machine Accessories Available Throughout North America

    SAN JOSE CA and MINNEAPOLIS MN -- November 18, 2015 -- Profile Cutting Systems USA (PCS) announces numerous accessories for plasma plate cutting cutting machines. PCS is known for manufacturing industrial plasma plate cutting machines. These PCS cutting systems can be equipped with several options making them even more versatile.

    "Our plasma plate cutting machines can be equipped with a zero-offset bevel head, a drill head and more," said John Zuehlke, President of Profile Cutting Systems USA. "Check out our industrial profile machines and you will see why PCS machines are the most robust and versatile in the industry."

    See the full press release...

    Plate Cutting Machine Accessories:
    Plasma Plate Cutting Bevel Head -

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    • Over 40 Years of Industry Experience
    • Over 500 Machines Installed around the World
    • Custom Built, Multi-million dollar Machines
    • Most Major Components Made either in Western Europe or in the USA
    • Components are Not Proprietary
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